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10 months ago

Dear players!
Access Wings and Claws via the 101XP Game Center to collect more gifts! Log in every day and get rewarded after 7/14/21/28 daily logins.
The more you play, the better the rewards will be!
- cumulative prizes for logging in for 7/14/21/28 days can be received as soon as the player reaches the appropriate number of daily logins;
- all promo codes received can be found under the "Gift" icon tab at the top of the Game Center window, next to the "Calendar" (see screenshot). Download Game Center at to participate;
- you will receive the first promo code after logging in for 7 days, and it must be used before you can claim the second one.
Cumulative prizes will also be awarded for using the Game Center in April, May, June, and July.

If you're having trouble with promo codes, follow these simple steps:
1) Clear the 101XP Game Center cache;
2) Restart the Game Center;
3) Go back to the "Gift" tab and receive the missing promo code!
Please note that you need to register a certain number of times to receive your rewards for the following months:
- 30 or more logins for the April reward;
- at least 60 logins in May;
- at least 90 logins in June;
- at least 120 logins in July.
Catch your luck by the tail!