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Super promotion

8 months ago

Dear friends!
To better prepare for the coming adventures, we invite you to participate in our new promotion! 10 players to have top-up the largest amount of Ambers during the 3 days from May 28th until the 30th inclusive shall receive one of the following prizes:
1. Hero Evolve Crystal x 20;
2. Mount Equipment Upgrade Stone x 50;
3. Capybara Adventurer Card x1;
4. Crimson Spinel x100.
The player whose top-up amount will peak and tower over others during May 28-30 is guaranteed to receive:
1. Artifact Evolve Stone x50;
2. Soul Crystal x 100 4;
3. Any S-class wings of their choosing (except the most recently added to the game) to choose x1.
All players whose May 28-30 top-up amount reaches 4000 Ambers or more will join the giveaway with the following prizes:
1. Hero Forging Stone x 50;
2. Soul Evolve Crystal x 15;
3. Crimson Spinel x500;
4. Elf Wings x1.
Event dates: 28.05.2021 00:00 - 30.05.2021 23:59:00 (server time).
The winners of the contest will be announced within a week after it ends. Rewards will also be issued within a week after the end of the promo. If you have any questions about the terms of the event, we will be happy to answer them here or in the official Facebook group.
Best regards,
Wings and Claws Team