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Christmas Park

7 months ago

As you have undoubtedly noticed, the holidays are upon us! We are very happy to have you with us. We hope that you will continue to stay with us!
Moreover, there are some awesome events for you!

Christmas Park

Christmas related events

New event featuring Christmas

Recharge event for Game Center 101XP exclusively.
Recharge up to a certain amount to get rewards. Log in the game via Game Center to receive additional rewards.
Gifts are scattered everywhere, but where should we store them? Here's an idea - let's decide via a special Christmas Contest where you can use your imagination to create a unique Christmas Tree!
Your task will be to decorate a real-life tree with friends and family, then upload a photo to this thread.
The 3 top artists will receive a special reward while every other participant can also expect a pleasant surprise!
If you are fresh out of ideas, feel free to consult the internet, but remember that originality and creativity will be the main criteria when it comes to deciding the winner!
The contest will be held from December 24 through 29.