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A fresh update was installed!

20 days ago

An update was installed!

Deity Covenant
- time limited titles are available in the new sever. Any character that has been created in the last 3 days and reached Lv.20 can enter the page;
- each title can be purchased once, stats can be stacked up;
- title valid for 7 days. The Ambers used to buy the titles will be refunded by mail after the titles expire.

Recharge & Lucky Wheel
- added a lucky wheel in the Event page. If you recharge the required amount, you will be able to select your reward and get a lucky draw chance;
- select your reward from the Rewards Pool and the lucky wheel will display the reward selected and its rate.

New Goals
- added several new Goals.

New Monolith
- added new Monoliths that extend to level 35. its level to 35.

Fixed the monthly reset bug in Lucky Reward.

Have fun!