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Merry Christmas

8 months ago

Bells jingle, presents are ready to be opened . We are very happy to have you with us. We hope that you will continue to stay with us!
Moreover, there are some awesome events for you!

Enchanted Gadget
- Added Enchanted Gadget in Class Escalation for further development.
- Get Enchanted Crystal on the 4th floor of Pandemonium.
- Consume Enchanted Crystals to upgrade and continue when reaching the limit.
- Socket different Enchanted Stones to activate the corresponding set effects.

Requirement: Ultimate Lv.4
Required items: Enchanted Crystal

Crystal Shrine
- Added Crystal Shrine to improve Enchanted Gadget.
- Crystal Shrine shares the same rewarding system as Pandemonium.
- Join the battles to unlock Advanced Dungeons.

Output: Enchanted Crystal
Requirement: Ultimate Lv.4

Christmas Park
Click the “Christmas Park” menu to access the Christmas events.

Once you visit the primary event page, don’t forget to check-in and claim your daily Gift. The page contains packages with various consumables and dices, necessary for the next page of event. Each pack is initially sold with a discount.

We prepared also for you Christmas promo code - ChristmasJAgAd

Happy Holidays!

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