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A fresh update was installed!

8 months ago

An update was installed! Have fun!

Sphere System
- added Sphere System. Powerful new skills that activate in the first rounds and can restrain the enemies;
- sphere includes Upgrade and Promotion systems;
- sphere Upgrade (Devotion): materials from Divine Shrine to improve all Stats;
- sphere Promotion (Recharge): improves the Sphere’s skills effect.

Required items: Sphere Stone

Sphere Dungeon

- new Sphere Dungeon to improve Sphere System;
- players can obtain different materials from different Sphere Dungeons to train their Sphere;
- reach the required challenge attempts to upgrade and get better rewards;
- there's a daily challenge limit. Players can spend Ambers to purchase more challenge attempts;

Output: Sphere Crystal

Reopen Dragon Mirage Realm

Have fun!
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