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10 months ago

The update was installed. Check it out!


This new Divine is an extension of Divine Training. Unlock the Aegis after completing a certain Quest.Required Items for evolving: Aegis Evolve Crystal. Source: Aegis TrialEvolving the Aegis will greatly boost all Stats, unlock Skills and improve the Skill effects, maximizing the Magic Soul and Essence limit and higher level equipment.
Requirement: Ultimate Lv.7

Aegis Trial

There are two types of level in this dungeon, respectively "Offensive" and "Defensive".
- Offensive Dungeon: Destroy all monsters within the required turn.
- Defensive Dungeon: Any one of our heroes survives until the end of the required turn or destroy all monsters within the required turn.
Players need to redeploy after completing a level of the Trial. Deploying the recommended Hero in different battle, they will get Buff.Players can challenge the Trial once a day. After the first time clearance, from the second day, players can clean up according to the previous highest level of difficulty and get corresponding benefits daily.
Requirement: Ultimate Lv.7

Have fun!