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Patch 1.05 is live!

3 months ago

Hello friends! Another patch's going live today!

In this one, we've started to bring in some changes that will help make the game feel a lot more intuitive and responsive! Some of those changes will be implemented step by step. We've decided to do so to understand if we're moving in the right direction with those updates. So if you have any thoughts about these particular changes, or you have any other feedback you would like to share with us, feel free to post a review or contact us in any of our socials!

Alright, without further ado, here's the list of changes:

  1. Heavy Charged Attack Mini-game (fix 1 of the 2 planned). We've adjusted the timing to release the attack button during the skill unlock mini-game: now the player have a much larger window to release the button before getting killed by the enemy. The second part of the fix will add more visual feedbacks to that scene and make it more intuitive for the player.
  2. Retroactive fix for players who got stuck in the fight with White Hook on the pirate ship (previous fixes made it so that new players won't get themselves trapped, retroactive fix will free those, who are already stuck).
  3. We've enhanced the visibility of the signs on The Selfishness level. Now, players will know exactly where they're supposed to go. When active, signs will display a glowing symbol, a glowing arrow, and the Genie's trail from the arrow towards the direction he wants you to go, to fulfill his wishes.
  4. We've also made some adjustments to the enemies' hitboxes. Now, Teddy won't get as many hits while jumping around the enemies, at the same time, all of his attacks will land the same way they did before. Hence, hitting the enemy will feel the same, while contact damage will get much more forgiving, so you won't get hurt by the touch of wolf's tail with the pixel of Teddy's boot.
  5. Players can now skip cutscenes by holding the skip button and will not be forced to press it multiple times.

And that's it for this one! Stay tuned for future updates where we'll elaborate on those ideas a bit more! Check out our Discord server, where we'll share some details on how we've tweaked hitboxes and how the signs on The Selfishness will look now!

Thank you guys for all the feedback and support! Don't forget to leave a review for the game if you've enjoyed it!

See ya!