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Begin your journey in Soul Land

8 months ago

The Monster Academy calls for you, brave Spirit Masters!

Set out on a dangerous journey, hunt down the most powerful monsters, meet memorable characters, and form the strongest squad of heroes in history! Utilize unique abilities and awaken your hidden powers in the new mobile game — Soul Land from 101XP!

Soul Land’s key features:

  • Enjoy real-time battles where you take direct control of your character and lead them to victory. Write your name in the history of this land!
  • Customize your skills, become a true master of souls, and compete with the best among other players!
  • Experiment with different teams and character classes to uncover the most potent combinations!
  • Learn new powers and combine various skills. Conquer every battlefield in your own style!
  • Challenge mighty enemies and devise strategies for taking down ruthless bosses!
  • Unite like-minded players under your banner and defeat evil together, then show everyone what true spiritual power looks like!

The information about game release will be added soon, stay tuned to our news.

The gods of war will watch over you as you climb to the highest peak of glory!