7 years ago

Welcome to a whole new game universe!

This is a paradise for collectors, strategy lovers, and MMORPG fans. In the Rise of Mythos project, these things meet like never before. At first, the game may seem very simple. Collect cards that do different things. Lay them out on the battlefield and set off for battle with a single click. Nothing could be simpler! But the more you play, the more interesting it becomes! As you will see, there are a huge number of creatures in the game, a huge number of combat deck options, and coming out ahead means you need to think every step through. The outcome of a battle depends on your cards’ types and positions on the battlefield. Select one of four classes for your hero, level him up, and develop your card army. This process is very involving, since every card has its own unique abilities. Build you own unique deck based on your playing style and your character’s potential

But Rise of Mythos is not limited to card battles. This is a real RPG, where players take up their places to defend their world against the spawn of evil. Build buildings that help develop your character, join with other players, and take on bosses together. Even if your friend is offline, their army will come to your aid.

Try the absorbing PvE adventure and PvP arena modes, too!

But enough talk. Time to play!

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