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Update 1.3.4

4 months ago


Version 1.3.4 brings the long-awaited friend lists to the game, new towers, as well as reworks for the old ones. Read more here:

New towers

Command Post (Legendary)

  • When merged, calls in an airstrike on the frontal target killing all enemies in the vicinity. Bosses and mini-bosses hit by the strike lose a percentage of their current HP.

Druid’s Idol (Legendary)

  • When merged, spawns a monster on the opponent's side of the field. Killing this monster grants vital power to the summoner. In Co-Op Mode, summons monsters on both sides. Killing them will yield additional vital power.

Retracting Node (Epic)

  • Has a chance to teleport an enemy away to the beginning of their route. Subsequent teleports have a reduced chance of success.

Finisher (Epic)

  • Instantly finishes off a target whose HP is below a certain percentage. This threshold is halved for bosses and minibosses.


It's now easier than ever to hang out with friends as you will no longer need to enter codes to play together! Add other players to your friend list by sharing a link with a buddy via your messenger of choice.
The “Friends” section can be accessed from the "Community" window. Here you can see individual friends’ stats, invite them to play Co-Op together, or practice in PvP battles.

Gameplay adjustments

  • After completing all Battle Pass levels, collecting 200 skulls will yield a bonus chest
  • If a boss reaches the end of the path but doesn’t kill you, that boss is considered defeated, and you will receive a skull for killing them

Tower fixes


  • Improved shooting animation

Glove of Creator

  • Fixed the 7-star Glove model


  • Its magic ring will no longer deal critical damage

Reverse Field

  • Fixed the movement visual effects


  • Fixed a bug that caused the tower to attack slower with each class level up


  • Fixed a bug that caused the tower to attack slower with each class level up

Misc fixes

  • The Golem's extra attack will no longer cause the General to be stuck
  • Added quests for obtaining PvP ranks 18, 19, and 20
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible to complete quests and get skulls in training mode
  • Fixed the darkening of towers when they are being dragged
  • Improved localization

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Good luck on the battlefield!