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New units await you!

6 months ago

This long-awaited update took a little longer to roll out than expected, but the wait was not in vain. We are now ready to reveal the changes and new additions that version 1.1.2 brings to the table!

New units

  • The Octopod is an interesting unit with a unique mechanic. This monster attacks as many enemies in front of it as it has stars, so a fully upgraded Octopod becomes a force to be reckoned with.
  • Cyber Worms do not like to rush things, so instead, they apply the slowdown effect to all foes in a randomly selected area.
  • The Projector damages enemies with its beam and sets them on fire!

New Battle Pass season

Bigger, smarter, and even more interesting than before — meet the revised Battle Pass! The updated rewards include all-new emojis, avatars, and flags, not to mention a mountain of other useful items. Will you be able to collect them all?

Improved stability

Just like you, we didn't like the occasional crashes in Co-Op mode that resulted in an unfair loss of daily attempts. A lot of effort went into tuning up the servers so that no one had to experience the kind of righteous anger these issues tend to inspire. We hope that no errors will hinder your enjoyment of the fun-filled Co-Op battles moving forward!

As always, we eagerly expect your feedback. Let's make the game even better together!

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