Great warriors!

a year ago

Together with the developers, we have made the difficult decision to close the project. We hope that you will remember your adventures in the colorful realm of magic that was Queen of Dragons with a warm smile and keep in touch with the friends you met in this incredible game!
Additionally, we have prepared a treasure trove of gifts for you in our other projects and invite all Queen of Dragons fans to join us in our game - Dragon Blood, become a legendary hero and discover ancient knowledge to awake the mighty dragons and uncover your long lost past. Set out on a quest to rescue a kidnapped princess and distinguish yourself with many heroic deeds on your way there! The game awaits its new champion!
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Dragon Glory
Conquer the myriad of PvE and PvP modes on offer, assemble an unstoppable squad, pass the trials worthy of only the mightiest of heroes, and tame your own dragon!
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