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[Contest]The Winged Wardrobe

4 months ago

Heroes! The Queen of Dragons is calling for you. It's time to take part in the first contest! 

You will have to create the new wings that will suit your character the most. You need to draw, or to make a collage so we see how these wings look. Moreover, you need to write the stats and what do you need to do in order to get these wings. 
The most beautiful wings with the best story ans the stats will be rewarded with awesome prizes! 

The first place: 
Gem lvl 8;
Omnipitence affinity gem; 
Omnipotence upgr. gem;
Affinity Gem - lvl 1.

The second place: 
Gem - lvl 6;
Omnipotence affinity gem;
Demon gem;
Omnipotence upgr.gem;

The third place;
Gem - lvl 5;
Omnipotence affinity gem;
Omnipotence upgr.gem;
Affinity Gem lvl 5.

The contest starts on 15 of August and ends on 2 of September.

Good Luck and have fun!

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