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System updates!

20 days ago


■ Cutthroat Cove Returns!

- Captains from all Servers can again join the battle of Cutthroat Cove

- Cutthroat Cove will be accessible every other week, and an Eve Event will be held for 3 days prior to the official opening

  • Captains can register to participate in Cutthroat Cove every other Sunday upon obtaining a total of 10,000 Event Points during the 3-day Eve Event period
  • Only Captains who register prior to the conclusion of the Eve Event will be eligible to enter Cutthroat Cove

- The battlefield will gradually shrink due to the Fog of Death, eventually reducing the playing field to ensure that only the last survivor will win!

- A special-event Cutthroat EITC Fleet will periodically appear within Cutthroat Cove.

  • ㄴ You can acquire powerful Buffs exclusive to Cutthroat Cove when you defeat them!

- Life Points (LP) will be given upon entering Cutthroat Cove, and you will be eliminated when the allotted LP reaches 0

- Round Ranking will be determined by the Survival Rank obtained in each round

- Ranking by Grade will be determined by the total number of Battle Points (BP) obtained from Cutthroat Cove

  •   The final, posted Rank will be based on the highest Battle Points obtained from all three Rounds combined
  •   Qualified Captains may participate in all 3 Rounds

- The Season will end at the conclusion of the 3rd Round. The Season Ranking is determined by totaling up the combined Eve Points and Grade Ranking Points

  •   10% of the accrued Eve Events Points will be applied to a Captain's Season Ranking 

※ Any damage sustained, and resources used within Cutthroat Cove will not be reflected onto your actual Territory.

※ Gold to be used in Cutthroat Cove must be allocated prior to entering Cutthroat Cove. Any Gold used within Cutthroat Cove (Speed Up and Respawn, etc.) will be permanently consumed.

※ Any unused Gold will be returned after the respective Round via Mail.

※ Equipment cannot be swapped in Cutthroat Cove. Please prepare the Equipment you wish to utilize via the Equipment Pre-set function.

※ Ship Equipment cannot be modified upon entering Cutthroat Cove.

※ Deco Items will not be applied in Cutthroat Cove.

※ Some functions are limited once inside Cutthroat Cove.

※ Registration closes 10 minutes after the start of any Cutthroat Cove engagement.

※ Life Points (LP) are equivalent to HP and these points will only be used in Cutthroat Cove. A certain number of Life Points are deducted per second.

  • If the Fortress falls within the Fog of Death at any time, the LP deduction will increase (However, the increased LP deduction does not apply if the Expedition Fleet falls within the Fog of Death.)
  • LP will be completely exhausted upon defeat.

※ Peace Shields can be used by using Gold, but your LP will decrease faster.

※ You can Respawn by using Gold if LP is exhausted during the battle.

※ The use of Respawn and Peace Shield features will be restricted as the battle comes to a close.

※ The battle will end when the Battlefield is completely obscured by the Fog of Death.

※ The Season Rankings are divided into the following categories:

  • Captain Rank
  • Alliance Rank
  • Server Rank

※ The Eve Event Points of a Captain’s Alliance and Servers are combined.

※ Schedule of Eve

  • 1st Day: Thursday 00:00 UTC / Wednesday 16:00 PST
  • 2nd Day: Friday 00:00 UTC / Thursday 16:00 PST
  • 3rd Day: Saturday 00:00 UTC / Saturday 16:00 PST

※ Schedule of Cutthroat Cove

  • 1st Round: Sunday 03:00 UTC / Saturday 19:00 PST
  • 2nd Round: Sunday 11:00 UTC / Sunday 03:00 PST
  • 3rd Round: Sunday 19:00 UTC / Sunday 11:00 PST


■ New Tier 5 Tactician

New Tactician, “Francois Leroy (Water),” has arrived!

“Francois Leroy (Water)” is a Tactician specializing in Ship vs. Ship PWR and observes attack priority in battle, while having the capability to attack multiple enemies! 

※ The new Tactician ‘Francois Leroy (Water)’ can be obtained by using Invitation Letter(s) [Uncommon] and successfully completing the Edge Stages in the Cave of the Abyss.

 ■ Addition of Power Save Mode

If there is no game activity for a certain period, the game will automatically switch to the standby screen

  - Battery consumption will be reduced in the Power Save Mode

  - You can select the desired time for activation of the Power Save Mode in the [Settings > Power Save Mode]​



■ Island of Knowledge

The Island of Knowledge has been revamped and modified to be an Adventure-forward feature!

- The Island of Knowledge can be accessed at the “Lighthouse.” (Previously accessed through “Strategy Battles”)

- The Adventures are divided into a total of 9 Areas, which can be unlocked according to your Lighthouse Level

- Captains can send Tacticians to the Island of Knowledge to start the timed Adventure and obtain rewards!

  • ㄴ 10 Stamina is consumed per Adventure

- There are 2 types of Adventure Rewards:

  • Basic Rewards, which can be obtained after completing the adventure
  • Additional Rewards, which can be obtained upon meeting the Assigned Tactician prerequisites

- An Adventure can be canceled, but consumed Stamina will not be returned.


■ World Boss 

The method of its appearance will be modified!

- The World Boss will appear when the Server Co-op Mission has been cleared and when the allotted standby time is over

The location of the World Boss will be displayed!

- Missions, location of the World Boss, and rewards can be checked via the World Boss icon.

The World Boss will appear, wielding the power of various Talisman types will appear depending on the respective Level.

The World Boss Conquest Reward has been added.

- Captains who participated in the World Boss encounter can now obtain Conquest Rewards.


■ Animal Companions

Animal Companions that were resting idle in the Animal Companion Street will now freely move around the street! 

Animal Companion information has been added to the Tortuga Brawl.

Animal Companions can now be changed out and brought on board from the Tortuga Brawl Formation screen


※ The reassigned Animal Companion will only apply to the respective Tortuga Brawl encounters and will not affect the Assigned Animal Companion in your Fleet.


An icon will be shown when an Animal Companion is ready for an Upgrade. 

- The Upgrade icon will be added next to the EXP bar. 

Animal Companion animations have been refined!

  • Upon Level Up
  • Upgrade results


A congratulatory message will be displayed on Server and Alliance Chat when you successfully Upgrade an Animal Companion to Tier 5 or when you obtain a Tier 5 Animal Companion through an Invitation.


Some terms in Animal Companion have been changed:

- Animal Companion Lock > Cherished Companion

- Animal Companion Sell > Send back to nature

- Animal Companion Stat > Animal Companion Stats

- Animal Companion Stats > Animal Companion Information


■ Battle Shop

- Products and prices in the Market’s Battle Shop will be updated

- Battle Badges obtained in Cutthroat Cove can be exchanged in the Battle Shop


■ Other Improvements 

Filter and Sort options for Ship Equipment, Tacticians, and Animal Companions will be displayed on the Inventory screen!

The “Speed Up All” function will be added to the Repair Gate.

The minimum level required to enter the “Cave of the Abyss – The Edge” will be changed to Fortress Lv.7.

Tacticians with available Upgrades will be displayed as such during the Tactician Upgrade Discount Event.

You can now check Tactician Invitation probabilities from your Inventory.

The number of Hunting Streaks will be displayed when using the Capture Tool Bundles.

Obtaining Points for consuming resources to Level Up the Expedition Fleet will be added to Arms Race in the Daily Event.


New Quests for the Flagship will be added.

- Quests will be available after obtaining Warhorse of Seas, and items to Level Up can be obtained as rewards

An anomaly where the Port Royal Buff was not correctly displayed in the Buff listing, will be fixed.


Thank you, Captains!