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New Pirate Added!

6 months ago


■ Maximum Level Expansion

The maximum Fortress level will increase to S9!

- With the Fortress level increase, the maximum level of other Buildings within your Territory will also increase

- “Golden Griffin” and “Special Cannonman” Research has been added to the Lore Collection

- The mighty Ship “Golden Griffin” can be built when the Shipyard level reaches S9

- S9 has been added to the Fortress Growth Guide


■ New Pirate Added!

New Tier 15 Pirates, “Special Cannonman” and “Tough Special Cannonman” will be added.

- The Pub must be level S9 in order to Hire “Special Cannonman” and “Tough Special Cannonman”.

※ Tier 15 Pirate will be added on the “How to Earn Points” section in Arms Race of the Daily Events.

■ New ‘Pirates’ Research added to the Specialty Research!

A ‘Pirates’ category will be added to Specialty Research

- Research to enhance Pirates, Food Consumption Reduction and the like can be researched

※ Can be accessed upon reaching Lore Collection S3

※ Various Resources including ‘Bloody Coins’ and ‘Mermaid Tears’ are will be required.


Thank you, Captains!