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New Flagship System, New Research Added!

7 months ago

Ahoy, me Hearties!


In this Dev Note, we will highlight the new Flagship system, new Specialty Research, and much more!


■ Flagship Unlocked!

The hotly anticipated Flagship will finally be unlocked!

The Flagship feature will be available once Captains reach Fortress Level 30.

Ships (including the Flagship) stored in the Spare Dock, Unique Ships, and the Pirates stationed in your Territory, can be assigned to the 'Expedition Fleet', and set sail.

The 'Expedition Fleet'​ will be anchored at a designated location within your Territory.

You can deploy the 'Expedition Fleet'​ to carry out various activities such as Monster Hunts, Fortress attacks, Port City Conquest, and more!

However, the 'Expedition Fleet'​ is not protected by the Peace Shield and will be open to enemy attack. So, please keep that in mind.

You will now be able to participate in more diverse strategic battles with the addition of the mighty Flagship!

With this impressive new addition, we cannot wait to see our Captains bring their ingenious tactics to life on the battlefield!

 Only ships stored in the Spare Dock and Unique Ships can be placed in the Expedition Fleet.

 The Expedition Fleet sails in the same way as the other Ships, and you can reduce the required Voyage time by using the Expedition Fleet Speed Up item or Gold.

 An Expedition Fleet that sets sail will stay at sea until a retreat to the Fortress is initiated.  

 When a Flagship's Durability reaches 0, it will automatically return to its Territory.

 Once the Expedition Fleet embarks upon said expedition, the Expedition Fleet cannot be redirected.

 Captains cannot use the Expedition Fleet to engage in Throwing Bait, Battle of the Storm, and Tortuga Brawl.

 Expedition Fleet and Territory Fleet can conduct separate, simultaneous rally attacks, but they cannot participate in the same rally attack.

 You can manage the features of Ships that have been assigned to the Expedition Fleet, such as Level Up, Upgrade and Decorate, but the sale of said ships is not permitted.

 Peace Shields do not apply to the Expedition Fleet. However, Resources plundered from the Fleet are less than that of Territory attacks.

 An attacked Expedition Fleet will still be combat capable, remaining active with whatever Ships you have left.

 Ships in the Expedition Fleet can only have Pirates assigned that have been allocated and available to the Flagship. 


■ New Ships Research category added to Specialty Research!

A ‘Ships​’ category will be added to Specialty Research in the Lore Collection and will be available upon reaching Lore Collection SLv. 3!

Get ready to increase your Power with these new Research opportunities!


 Various Resources and ‘Essence of the Sea’ are required for Ships Research.

■ Strategy Battle Minimum Level Requirements—Updated!

 The entry-level for the following Strategy Battle features, Island of Knowledge, and Cannibal Island, will be adjusted to be available starting at Fortress Level 16. 

Please note that even if you find an island where you may have access to the Strategy Battle features, you will be unable to participate if you have not reached Fortress Level 16.

 The types of Strategy Battle features where the entry-level is applied are as follows. (Fortress Level 16 and higher)

 Tortuga Brawl, Battle of the Storm, Island of Knowledge, and Cannibal Island 

■ Name Change of Expedition Fleet Dock

The old Expedition Fleet Dock will now be called the ‘Spare Dock​'!

Captains will soon be able to move the Sunken Ships in the Territory to the ‘Spare Dock​​’ as well!

When you move the Sunken Ship to the ‘Spare Dock​​,' it will automatically be restored upon reaching its recovery time, just as like it would at the Dock!

 The details discussed in this notice are subject to change.

Thank you, Captains!