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[DevelopersNotes] A New Tactician and Cannibal Island!

8 months ago

Ahoy, me Hearties!

We bring you the latest Dev Notes!

In this issue, we will be sharing details of the highly requested Cannibal Island, a new Tactician, a new Ship Equipment, Mermaid Island Conquest renewal, and more!

Please read below for more details! 

■ New Tier 5 Tactician

Introducing our latest Tactician, “Wadatsumi Ichika (Light)”!

She is a Support-focused Tactician with several buffs that can support her allies with more firepower! 

Let’s check out what skills she has to offer!

Skill Icon

Skill Info

[Arrow Rain]

Attack 1 enemy Ship and deal additional damage if the enemy's Bombardment Speed is slower slower than that of their own.​

[Gust Arrow]

Attack 3 enemy Ships and render them unable to recover Durability for 3 turns. Also, deal additional damage if the enemies' Bombardment Speed is slower than that of their own.

[Roar of Sea God]

Attack 1 enemy Ship and increase Bombardment Speed and Ship Vs. Ship PWR of all allies for 2 turns. Additionally, all allies recover Gunpowder Capacity.

[Sea Conqueror] (Passive)

Ability to attack first in battle.

Also, increases their own Bombardment Speed.

Her exceptional skills are quite formidable!

Keep an eye out for the “Roar of Sea God” Skill, the heart of her skill set!

She can help produce some explosive firepower and an effect that recovers Gunpowder Capacity. This Skill will be a perfect addition to your strategy!

She will be a great all-rounder Tactician to have on board!

Use “Wadatsumi Ichika (Light)” to support your allies, bring out explosive firepower, and engage in fearsome battles!​

  • ※ This Tactician can be obtained by using the Invitation Letter [Uncommon] and successfully completing the Edge Stages in the Cave of the Abyss.
  • ※ Awaken Talisman of ‘Wadatsumi Ichika (Light)’ will be added.

■​ New Mysterious Island: Cannibal Island!

“Cannibal Island,​” one of the Mysterious Islands many of our Captains have been curious about, is finally being revealed!

Cursed Wanderers and monsters inhabit Cannibal Island.

Unlike other islands, there are a total of 72 Cannibal Islands!

A fleet will be formed when attacking an island and will return to the Fortress after each battle, just like when Hunting Monsters.

Furthermore, each Ship has a limited number of times it is able to Set Sail to clear the Cannibal Islands, so the fleet needs to be arranged carefully.

Show off the might of your fleet’s command and become a role model for Pirates by defeating the Cursed Wanderers and other Monsters occupying the Cannibal Island with your very own strategy!​

  • ※​ Cannibal Islands will not appear on the Sea Map and can be checked on the Strategic Battle screen.
  • ※ There are 72 Cannibal Islands, and you cannot challenge a stage you have already cleared.
  • ※ There is a limit to the number of times each Ship can be used per Season, and the count is deducted only after clearing a stage.
  • ※ The total number of times a Ship has been used can be seen on the formation screen and details before sailing to Cannibal Island.
  • ※ Even if a Ship was upgraded after its Sailing allotment has been exhausted, the Sailing count will remain spent.
  • ※ Cannibal Islands will be run seasonally and will start on the first of each month, and the location of Cannibal Islands will not change.
  • ※ 10 Stamina is deducted when you challenge the Cannibal Island.​
  • ※​You will not be able to attempt any challenges on the last day of the month and only the Rankings will be available to view.


■ New Grade in Ship Equipment

The addition of Master (M) and Legendary (L) grade Ship Equipment will help make your Ships more powerful!

Master (M) and Legendary (L) grade Ship Equipment will consist of Captain, Pirate, Protector, Invader, and Strategist sets.

You can search for these Equipment sets in “Equipment Search [Premium],” by using a Premium Key.

“Equipment Search [Premium]” allows you to select a set you want to search for, and only search Equipment of that set.

You can get Rare (R), Master (M), and Legendary (L) Equipment in the Equipment Search [Premium].

Take the helm of a more powerful Ship with the newly added Master and Legendary grade Ship Equipment and set off to the Caribbean!

  • ※ Master (M) or above grade sets with Tier 3 or above will have unique set effects when all 6 parts are equipped.
  • ※ Set effects only apply to Ships equipped with the Ship Equipment.
  • ※ Function to search Ship Equipment 1 time will be added.
  • ※ The existing feature of x10 Searches (of being able to search with less than 10 keys in your possession) will be modified to be a fixed 10 Searches.

■ New Legendary Equipment

A new “Legendary Invader Set” will be added!

■ Lair Level Expansion and Expedition Fleet Dock

Expedition Fleet Dock will be added to the menu of the Lair.

Expedition Fleet Dock is where you can store your unused Ships. You can exchange them for other Ships docked at the Territory Dock and use them as you need for your battles.

Although stored ships in the Expedition Fleet Dock cannot participate in battle, it will serve as a great strategic opportunity, storing more Ships and using them for specific situations!

With the addition of the Expedition Fleet Dock, the maximum level of the Lair will increase to S8!

We hope you look forward to the new “Expedition Fleet Dock,” to use in diverse strategies!

  • ※ Reserved Dock will be removed due to Expedition Fleet Dock. Ships docked at the Reserved Dock will move to the Expedition Fleet Dock.
  • ※ Ships stored in the Expedition Fleet Dock cannot participate in Territory Defense and cannot be formed into fleets.
  • ※ The number of Ships that can be stored will increase depending on the level of the Lair.
  • ※ You can Level Up, Upgrade and apply Calypso’s Blessing to the Ships stored at the Expedition Fleet Dock.
  • ※ Gold will no longer be consumed to manage the Dock.
  • ※ There will not be any cost involved to move Ships between the Dock and Expedition Fleet Dock.


■ Improved Mermaid Island Conquest!

The Mermaid Island Conquest, where more powerful Monsters appear as you defeat them, is now changed to a raid-style format where you attack a single Mermaid!

The improved Mermaid Island Conquest consists of 3 levels of difficulty, and when you successfully defeat the Mermaid of the chosen difficulty, the next stage of Mermaid Island will be made available.

Please note that you can select the level of difficulty before summoning the Mermaid!

Also, when the Mermaid reaches a specific HP, it will move, and its stats will increase each time it moves.

  • ※ There is a 4-hour cooldown after each Mermaid Island Conquest, and the daily limit is 4 times.
  • ※ The Mermaid Island Conquest attempt count will reset at 00:00 UTC.
  • ※ New reward, “Mermaid Treasure Chest,” can be obtained when you defeat the Mermaids!
  • ※ The number of the “Mermaid Treasure Chest” reward received depends on the difficulty.​

■ Improved Alliance: Assault Defense!

Improvements will be made to the Alliance: Assault Defense!

During the Alliance: Assault Defense, the EITC Assault Fleet will Scout the Fortresses targeted for each Wave and will begin the attack upon the scouted Fortress once the Scout returns to the EITC Assault Fleet. This is so that you can observe which Fortress is being targeted during each of the Waves.

In addition, once Alliance: Assault Defense has been concluded, the Contribution Status of the Alliance members that have participated in each of the Waves and the fleet composition of the EITC Assault Fleets can be checked.

We look forward to your participation in the newly improved Alliance: Assault Defense!​​

■ New Gibbs’ Gift Season

Starting June, Gibbs’ Gift Season will begin on the 16th of every month!

“Stella of Oasis Name Tag” can be obtained as a reward upon purchasing Gibbs’ Special Gift!

■ Improved Gold Store

Currency to purchase Gold will now change to Gems.

Please look forward to the upcoming changes in store, coming very soon to the Caribbean.

Thank you, Captains!