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Game Center Update 5.9

20 days ago

Esteemed users!

Today, on September 15, a minor update for 101XP Game Center version 5.9 has been released. With it, we aim to eliminate bugs and improve the comfort of using the Game Center.

You can install the update manually from the Game Center settings, restart the launcher to update it at startup, or simply wait until the program automatically prompts you to download the latest version.

List of improvements:

  1. The patch refactored many internal services and components.
  2. Updated the built-in Torrent agent for improved download stability.
  3. Fixed a number of "cosmetic" bugs.
  4. Added the option to change profile picture directly from your account (profile) settings.
  5. Implemented the option to visit friends' user pages and view user profiles by clicking comments left under news articles (similar to the 101XP Game Portal).
  6. Fixed an issue with the "insufficient HDD or SSD space" error message being displayed when downloading client-based games.

Thank you for being with us!