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New Game Center version (5.8)

3 months ago

Esteemed players!

Today, on April 29, the 101XP Game Center has been updated to version 5.8.

With this update, we are focusing on fixing the issues encountered and reported by you, the users. However, the main addition included with version 5.8 is the in-game overlay, accessible with the Shift+Tab key combination by default (the hotkeys can be customized in the Game Center settings). Use this feature to quickly access the latest news, important notifications, promotional event banners, incoming messages, and the FPS counter. Of course, this is not the overlay's final form and it will be expanded with requested functionality later on.

We would like to once again cite the importance of your feedback regarding the Game Center's performance and capabilities. Let us know what features you want to see added in the future by commenting on this post or using the "Feedback" button directly in the Game Center's settings — use whichever option is more convenient! Your opinion is invaluable for us to continue developing the Game Center in a way that suits our players' needs! The update can be installed manually in the Game Center settings, by restarting the application, at which point it will check for updates automatically, or by waiting until the system prompts you to install the latest version.

List of improvements:

  1. Implemented the in-game overlay for client games;
  2. Fixed the resource loading error that made it impossible to relog into certain browser games without restarting the Game Center;
  3. Fixed new message and dialogue events notification problems;
  4. Fixed an issue with auto-launching premium client games with a targeted installer;
  5. Removed the mentioning of the support team and the option to contact them from the maintenance screen as this is not a technical issue, but rather a notification of project unavailability at a certain point of time;
  6. Fixed the registration window being erroneously displayed to logged-in users and overlapping with the main Game Center window;
  7. Fixed an issue with the "Invite" button in the "Friends" screen when inviting friends via email;
  8. Improved efficiency for a number of minor Game Center components and fixed several visual bugs.

Thank you for your interest in the Game Center development!