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Love and be loved!

8 months ago

Ah, love!
It's everywhere as today, on February 14, lovers all over the world celebrate Valentine's Day!
101XP.com is also permeated with the atmosphere of love and affection, evident not only in the updated design but also via the numerous in-game promotions!
Congratulations, dear players! We wish you love, good fortune, warmth, and romance not only on February 14 but throughout the entire year!
Love and be loved!
Special Valentine's Day events await you in our games!
We will announce the most remarkable of them in this post:
Dragon Glory
Enter the game from 10th to 18th of February, feel the atmosphere of happiness and joy and take part in the events!

Dragon Blood
Help the dragons in love find their way back to each other by writing the correct answer in the comment below (1,2,3)!

Wings and Claws
Share your love with your loved ones and enjoy the celebration!

Yours lovingly,
101XP Team