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The Cold War has begun!

a year ago

Today, on November 16, all players of 101XP browser projects are invited to participate in the new "Cold War" event! With winter just around the corner, so too will come the moment when Flash Player will officially become unsupported by popular browsers. Prepare for the cold times together with 101XP and earn valuable rewards in some of our top games! On particularly snowy days, one only ever leaves the house wrapped in a wooly scarf to brave the windswept streets, do their chores, and then hurry back home to thaw by the proverbial fireplace. Walk the familiar path in this platform-wide event and let the cozy hearth warm you at the finish line!
All you have to do is play any browser game daily via the Game Center for anywhere between 60 minutes and 5 hours during the next 14 days. Go to the event page, log into your account, click the "Participate" button, then install the Game Center (if you haven't done so already), and play your favorite browser games to gain 25 XP points for every hour spent in-game. The first hour on each of the first 10 days of the event will be the most fruitful earning you additional XP points as can be seen on the progress bar available on the event page. The XP points you earn can later be exchanged at the special store for various promo codes in any of the games listed there. Every user who has signed up for on account on 101XP.com at least one day prior to the start of the event is eligible for participation.

If you have any questions please refer to the FAQ section of the event page.

Onward to new victories and achievements!

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