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The long-awaited release of the new Game Center!

8 months ago

Today, on April 9th, the fully updated and redesigned version of the 101XP Game Center has been made available to all users! The road to the current release was a long and arduous one, with many improvements and bug fixes implemented during beta testing in addition to the complete design overhaul for increased speed and functionality.

It should be noted that the previous version of the Game Center is no longer available for download and will not be supported going forward.

You can learn more about the advantages the new Game Center has and download it by clicking the following link. The full list of new features is also available in the Game Center itself by clicking the "View List" button under the "Version Info" section of the application settings.

Users who have the old Game Center installed can simply go into the settings and update it to the new format manually if for whatever reason the launcher did not do so automatically.

We would like to extend gratitude to every beta test participant, especially those who had left comments under the news section articles, on the official forum, or sent requests to technical support describing the issues they have encountered or otherwise suggested improvements for the updated Game Center!

We will continue to work on improving and developing the Game Center further to make it even faster and more convenient. Take care and thank you for your support!