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Stay home!

8 months ago

Stay home!
Stay home and we won’t let you get bored!
On the 101XP.com portal you can find a game for every taste and age.

Mobile Games

Era of Legends - the world of Era of Legends is so immense it will take time to explore even from the height of a griffin's flight. It is the perfect place to set foot into the unique zones, solve mysteries, hunt for hidden treasures, and make history by yourself or alongside your friends! iOS / Android

Avatar Life - it is a huge virtual world where you can make all your dreams come true. You can develop any talent, start a relationship, do whatever you want with your looks, your home and your lifestyle - all these amazing features are available on your mobile phone via Google Play and AppStore. Thousands of people from all over the world already live in this exciting game. Join them and find friends for life! iOS / Android

Jade Dynasty Mobile  -  boundless scenic 3d flight with no height restrictions, fly anywhere you want! Do not feel like exploring the vast expanses of the Jade Dynasty world alone? Conquer the skies alongside your friends! iOS / Android

Client games

Deiland - you will have to cultivate and protect your planet, grow crops, gather resources, fish, hunt, and even travel to other planets. And, of course, to battle with monsters that desire to steal your crystal. To get

Eternal Magic -  offers a huge fantasy world with a flexible class system, dynamic combat, and large-scale battles of up to 80 people. Сombine skills from five categories and craft your own unique combat style. Download

Browser games

Queen of Dragons - find allies on the battlefield, form a party and try your luck in killing epic Bosses! Choose one of the two epic heroes and free the Queen of Dragons! Play

Dragon Ring - the alliance between the people and the elves has fallen apart, and there is no one to defend a world that is frightened by an advent of new dark forces. Become stronger with each monster slain and plunge into the atmosphere of neverending action. Play

Dragon Blood - become the legendary hero and discover ancient knowledge, awake the mighty dragons and uncover your long lost past. You will go on a search for a kidnapped princess and do many good deeds on the way. Play

Dragon Glory -  is a fantastic browser game with astounding graphics and enthralling story. Try on many of the PvE and PvP modes, assemble an unstoppable squad, call for the strongest of heroes and tame your own dragon. Play

League of Angels - set the majestic warriors free and acquire their immense power. Each angel has its unique appearance, abilities, and story. Angel of wisdom, justice, battle and even a dark angel, receive a blessing from each of them. Gather a group of brave heroes, refine your magical skills and prove your tactical prowess on the fields of battle in League of Angels. Play
Wings and Claws - the mighty dragons broke free from the Holy City and began conquering the entire world. Now the only hope for the people of Sanctum is a legendary Dragon Warrior who would save them. Play


Redneck Ed: Astro Monsters Show - get ready for giant mushrooms, living volcanoes, fiery discord, or in a word – one hell of a show! Explore wild, mind-bending levels. Your hero has already lost his face, so losing his mind should not be that big of a deal, right?

Travel to different worlds while being safe!