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Top-up your account with a discount!

5 months ago

We have some great news to share!
A new payment system has been launched in test mode today, allowing players to save up to 20% when they recharge using a credit card! Please note that the new system currently only works for EU users, paying with cards issued in the European Union. To access it, EU users should visit our web portal by inputting the new address - eu.101xp.com instead of the previously used en.101xp.com. The website should look exactly the same, however, when paying with a credit card option in the account recharge window, the new discount system will be applied automatically.
Check it out right now and see for yourself: https://eu.101xp.com/profile/balance!

Choose an amount to recharge,

select the "credit card" payment method,

enter the required card details, then click "Pay".

Enjoy 101XP games with extra benefits!