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Merry Christmas

9 months ago

Dear friends!

101XP Team wishes you a Merry Christmas!

May this holiday season be unforgettable and bring you endless joy and happiness, as well as all the presents you ever wanted! We hope the Christmas Eve will find you in a great company of friends, family, and guildmates!
For our part, we promise to make you happy with new game releases, aimed at bringing more positive emotions to our players, whenever they may be!

Eternal Magic

Finish the quest chain that will lead you to Ruth, an NPC hanging around the fountain in Vallund. She can teleport parties of two into the challenge grounds. The trial has three difficulty levels: the higher the difficulty, the more points you will receive.


Dragon Glory

Merry Christmas event
Participate in the Lucky Draw to get Lv.6 Costume Gear Gift Box, Lv.5 Avatar Gear Gift Box, Golden Talent Card Gift Box, (New Wing) Ice Frost Flower Fragments, (New Fashion Weapons) Christmas Tree Branch Fragments and other items. Participate in the Lucky Draw to get BLK Soull, Orange Soul Gift Box, Lv.10 Anti-CRT Gem, Lv.9 Unwavering Rune, (New Hat) Christmas Hat Fragment, (New ) Polar Bear Fragments and other items.


Wings and Claws

Christmas Park
Once you visit the primary event page, don’t forget to check-in and claim your daily Gift. The page contains packages with various consumables and dices, necessary for the next page of event. Each pack is initially sold with a discount.
We prepared also for you Christmas promo code - ChristmasJAgAd , XMASGIFTDMQ


Dragon Ring

Merry Christmas event
During the event, recharge daily and claim massive rewards



In honor of the holidays, you can buy the game with an awesome discount - 60%!
Don’t miss such an opportunity.


Red and the Deadly Sins

Now you have an opportunity to buy the game with an awesome discount - 50%
Go deep down and see who you really are!


Good luck!