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Pumpkin Knight is attaking Eminoel

8 months ago


Halloween, a celebration once beloved by the people of Eminoel, was overshadowed by the arrival of the mysterious Pumpkin Knight. Though many have tried, not even the most skillful and experienced heroes managed to stop him... until now. Perhaps you are the one destined to save this holiday? 

If you're feeling confident about your chances, you can try to fight off the Pumpkin Knight on your lonesome, though it's ill-advised to underestimate his power. We recommend putting together a team of loyal companions.

Before facing off against this dangerous foe, you'll need to acquire a special item — the Sealed Pumpkin, which can be traded for Pumpkin Candy under the "Exchange & Win Rewards" event tab. Please note that you can only perform the Sealed Pumpkin exchange once a day. 

The candy can be acquired from the Burning Roulette event.


Once the preparations are complete, you can march to meet the rampaging Pumpkin Knight at the Familiar Utopia, with the Sealed Pumpkin in your hand and, preferably, a team of friends by your side.

Once there, open your inventory and use the Sealed Pumpkin, then prepare to do battle. May fortune smile upon you, brave warrior!

Should you claim victory over the boss, you may obtain a unique item — the Candy Cane, which can be exchanged for valuable rewards. Note that you can only summon the Pumpkin Knight once a day.

Those heroes who have assisted you in this fight will also receive a small reward. You can get a reward for helping other heroes no more than five times a day. And remember that only the player who summoned him can hit the Pumpkin Knight first.

Good luck!