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Update is already in the game!

6 months ago

Version 9.0 of Era of Legends is now live! Let’s welcome new mechanics, dungeons, and locations! See the article below for details regarding the new content and don’t forget to update your app to the latest version in Google Play or App Store. Have a nice play!

Max level limit increased

The max level your character can attain has been raised!  Once the server-wide progress reaches the new milestone, you will be able to reach level 100. Perform daily tasks, raid dungeons, and participate in PvP events to gain experience quickly. Now is also a great time to complete any unfinished storyline quests that also yield large amounts of EXP!

Please note that the max level limit is tied to the individual server’s progress, meaning that this change will gradually take effect on all servers in order of their original launch date. Players on the newer servers might have to wait just a little while longer before leveling up!

New in-game location – Dragon Plateau (Lv. 90-99)

Set out to explore the new region of Eminoel – the Dragon Plateau! Captivation side quests and powerful monsters await, not to mention the untold riches guarded by powerful bosses! The Plateau is best suited for characters of level 90 and upwards.

New activity – Raid Dungeon Contest

Participate in a new type of competition!

The Raid Dungeon Contest is held for 30 days and players can join it solo or as members of a team. Conquer a special dungeon with 20 levels, each with its own menacing boss that grow progressively stronger the further you go and the better you perform.