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Ragnarok Harbinger

9 months ago

Heroes! The update is already in Era of Legends! Welcome the Dark Knight, try out new gameplay features and explore dangerous dungeons!

1. Death Knight cometh!

Dark Knights are powerful warriors able to revive time and again, sowing terror among enemy ranks. They can not only protect their allies, drawing the worst of the opponents’ furious attacks to themselves, but also deal significant damage, altering the course of any battle. Armed with her class’s signature weapon - a huge scythe, a Dark Knight is able to inflict terrible wounds on her foes, rendering her a deadly threat in melee combat. In addition, every Dark Knight can call upon forbidden magical arts, allowing them to summon servants from beyond the grave and single-handedly control a large portion of the battlefield.

Similar to heroes of other classes, the Death Knight has three distinct specializations:

The Bloody Knight is a supporter that restores health and provides protection to her allies.

The Ragnarok Knight deals huge damage to the enemy team. She focuses on long-range magical damage and summons powerful servants to do her bidding.

The Ice Knight slows enemies down and prevents them from using their abilities. This variation is especially useful in PvP.

2. Cubo Temple Raid Dungeon

Explore the Cubo Temple raid dungeon and face off against new dangerous bosses. Defeating them will bring you trinkets that can be exchanged for Lv. 80 equipment, chests with IV-tier modifications, battle formation cards, as well as other useful items.

3. Familiar Fusion

You can now merge orange familiars into red familiars with an even steeper rise in special effects bonuses. Fusion also greatly improves a familiar’s abilities and allows you to place the new familiar's skill into the advanced skills panel.

Fusion is available for 6-star familiars.

4. Each class now has access to Lv. 55 talents

5. More exciting content!

In addition to all of the above, the latest patch brings new story and side quests, level 80 equipment, new reputation tasks, new rank up weapon carvings, etc.

Begin your own history in Era of Legends!