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Gain Unlimited Power!

2 years ago

A brand new update is already here! Check out the latest mechanics, familiars, and dungeons it has introduced! Be sure to download the latest patch from Google Play and App Store to gain access to the newly added content. Have a nice game!

Max character level increased

The level cap has been increased! All characters can now attain level 71 right off the bat and later on - as the server progresses - reach level 80. Complete daily tasks, fight in dungeons and participate in PvP events to quickly gain experience. Remember that you can also level up by completing story quests.

Please note that the max level available to individual characters directly depends on their server’s opening date, so this particular change will require some more time to take effect on the newer servers. Please, be patient!

Astrolabe cards

A unique new way to increase a character’s combat power! Collect cards and combine duplicates to get even rarer cards which significantly improve your stats! Cards can be obtained by clearing different floors and defeating bosses in Secret Tower, clearing the Dungeon of Justice, as well as by directly purchasing them from the in-game Store. The reward for clearing a particular level of Secret Tower can only be obtained once and players get 3 attempts to conquer it. Rewards for clearing different levels can be collected 10 times every week, plus additional rewards can be claimed by assisting other players’ runs up to 7 times.

Improving a card requires additional cards of the same variety. Each card grants a base stats bonus, while even stronger additional bonuses can be unlocked by combining cards of differing types. In the beginning, players will have 5 available card slots as well as a chance to unlock 8 extra slots later on.


Time to explore a new advanced location - the scorching Neusands! Packed with exciting side quests, mobs carrying valuable loot, and dangerous bosses that guard innumerable riches, this area is available to experienced travelers who have already reached level 70.

New familiars

Meet the all-new orange familiars! Wondrous Kirin, Abyss Hound, Lord of the Abyss as long as Morini can now be caught in Familiar Utopia.

All as one

Adventure seekers are welcome to the new instance - Dungeon of Justice. As with the Arena of Justice, all of the heroes entering this event have their stats equalized so that the outcome of the run is determined by skillful use of character abilities as well as mastery of class-specific combat roles. The instance becomes available after clearing a certain dungeon (required instances rotate every few hours) on normal difficulty. Players can clear the dungeon 2 times every day. Collected trophies will be sent to their in-game mailboxes. These include astrolabe cards, items that can be exchanged for equipment, gems, and lots of experience points.

We hope you enjoy the update and become as powerful as the ancient dragons themselves. Join the battle now!