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Choose your side!

6 months ago


A new update has arrived to Era of Legends! It includes new mechanics, even more events and activities, as well as many other improvements and gameplay tweaks! Let’s take a closer look at the unique features the update has in store for us.

New mechanic: Factions

Required level: 70.

The forces of Chaos has invaded Eminoel! Join the Earth Guard or the Celestial Army to gain access to additional quests and events. The warring factions’ camps are located on a brand new map - the mysterious Void. The more active you are during PvE and GvG events, the more rewards you can collect.

  • Each guild can choose a faction they would like to support;
  • If your character’s faction matches the one their current guild has sworn allegiance to, you will enjoy a special buff;
  • If the player has chosen the default faction, then the system will automatically assign them to their guild’s faction;
  • Faction Honor points can be obtained in any event by killing enemies (players from the other faction). A limited amount of Honor can be earned in each event every week;
  • Events also yield activity points for factional activity chests. These chests can only be opened once a week;


  • Players can swap factions, but after joining the conflict once a character can’t go completely factionless again;
  • To switch sides, your character will have to meet certain requirements first:


  • After joining a faction, you can claim a chestful of resources every day:


  • The players from a weaker faction get a small buff to their stats to balance things out:


  • For taking part in events and all kinds of factional activities, you can get lots of regular Honor points. The Honor store now sells special items for players which have reached a certain rank (the higher your rank is, the more items you can buy)!


New events and activities

Players will find plenty of new activities under the “Faction” tab, by participating in which they can earn lots of Honor points. Among these events there are daily tasks such as fishing, looting and protection of convoys, monster hunting, etc. Two weekly events are also available: Chaos War and Monster Strike.

Chaos War

A massive event where participants have to fight not only the players belonging to the other faction, but also enemy NPCs. Points are awarded for killing bosses as well as defeating opponents. The team which earns the most points wins. However, if one of the factions manages to destroy all of its foe’s NPCs, it can be declared victorious even before the timer runs out.

Monster Strike

Bosses and their ruthless henchmen spawn all over the Void. Points are awarded for killing monsters and the faction with the most points at the end of the event wins. In addition, you can kill members of opposing faction to earn extra points and Honor.

New Ranking System

From now on, the rewards you get for completing factional tasks depend on your rank! There are 15 levels in total, and you can increase your rank to receive even more valuable bonuses from various events. You can earn Honor by killing rivals, fighting in the Arena or on the Battlefield, as well as for participating in guild events.


Additionally, every Monday TOP20 players will receive temporary ranks (lasting 1 week), as well as achievements and titles, according to their place on the leaderboard. Players ranking 11-15 will also receive titles and special bonuses. The higher the player’s rank is, the better their reward will be!

Voice messages

Communicating with other players can now be more engaging than ever! By recording voice messages and posting them in chat, you can coordinate your team’s efforts like never before. Just make sure to follow the chat rules!

Elite invasion

From now on, the reward for participating in the event can only be received 4 times a day (instead of 5) and no more than 12 times a week.

Gem level increase

Level 8 gems and level 5 colorful gems are now available and can already be inlaid into your character’s equipment!

Hurry up to set off on an adventure in Era of Legends!