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Explore new horizons!

a year ago

Heroes! It’s time to explore new horizons! The update is already in the game, and the new features await to be tried out by you. Team up with the bravest warriors on the server, clean up new dungeons, and fight for high-level equipment and items!

Don't forget to update the game in the store!

1. Deleting a character

Now you can delete the unnecessary hero on the character selection screen. Please note that the removal will need to be confirmed. Think carefully before you delete the hero!

2. Change the class within the specialization!

Now players who have reached level 40 can change the class by completing Rank Up. Class change is carried out only in pairs: Warrior-Druid, Shaman-Priest, Mage-Witch and Assassin-Archer.

After evolution, the current skill level will be retained, and Inscriptions and Talents will be reset. Equipped weapons and equipment will be replaced by an equivalent for the new class. Items in the Bag, in the Warehouse, Mail and Auction House will not be replaced. Costumes purchased at the Store and received during the events will be saved in case you want to change the class back.

After evolution, you will need to re-login and reset the settings in Auto Battle and Switch Target.

The cost of transfer is increased with the number of transfers, and the number of transfers is reset every Monday.

3. New Instances

Team up with your friends and challenge the monsters hiding in the depths of the new dungeons! Defeat bosses one by one to get great rewards! New instances will be available along with the Dimensional Rift event.

4. New Fort Quests and companions

Send your tiny assistants to complete quests while you are traveling through Eminoor! Four new companions are available to get you useful resources!

5. Plenty of content for lvl 60 players

High-level players will discover a variety of content that will make the game feel fresh. Explore new locations, crafting skills and formulas, get equipment, open chests, complete weapons evolution and upgrade familiars - all these features are now level 60. In addition, level 60 bosses were added to the events Elite Invasion and World Boss.

A new epic event - Dimensional Rift - will start on the servers one by one at the end of May. We will post more information on its schedule in this group later. Dimensional Rift features:

- 4 main and 1 final stage of the event, where you need to show courage and ingenuity;
- new story quests and characters;
- dangerous instances and raid dungeons to clean;
- new maps to explore!

Have a nice play!