League of Angels - Game news

The first update of the fall!

22 days ago

Autumn has come to Elysium once again! This is no reason to be sad, however, as it is still warm outside and nature is about to put on its finest seasonal garment. The Angels too know exactly what will cheer you up - a new update!

New Mount: Moonlight Fox
A peculiar creature that holds the power of the lunar cycles within.

New Sylph: Frozen Heart
Frozen Heart has spent years training in those remote corners of Etheria where eternal winter reigns supreme, mastering the ice magic like no other sylph before or after!

New Clothing: Interstellar Clothing
You shall eclipse the stars themselves with your beauty when you don this unique costume! Now's your time to shine upon the land, ever stylish and bright.

New Angel: Chione
They say that her heart is but a shard of ice. Capable of freezing others solid with a single glance, she would nonetheless never hesitate to aid an ally in peril.

Storm Wand Amulet (Whisper of Wind)
A timeworn amulet that was discovered in an abandoned cave somewhere on the fringes of Etheria. Said to contain the power of the ancient shamans!

Little Mermaid Morph
Time to call upon the power of the sea! The Little Mermaid has become even more dangerous in battle!

In addition to all that, brand-new decorations and blueprints for your Homestead, several original evolutions for the Phantom Fox mount, as well as a new awakening for Matariel await to be discovered!