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Dark times are upon us!

a year ago

Heroes, darkness draws ever closer to Etheria and the air is full of mystery and gloom. What has lured the shadow dwellers into the angelic capital? Let's find out!

New Sylph: Fire Fist
Despite his red hot temper, wild nature, and a burning passion for a good-spirited brawl, this brawny fellow has sworn allegiance to the League of Angels and protects it with utmost dedication.
New Mount: Lava Hound
Sizzling magma courses through its veins, but it still looks kind of cute in its own, fiery way.
New Hero: Twilight Queen
A legendary sorceress with remarkable powers, capable of creating dragons from thunderclouds. Her enemies will be long dead before they discern whether the monsters attacking them are real or just an illusion.
New Amulet: Origins Wand (Genesis)
New Angel Awakening: Genie (Awakening Lv.1-4)

New loading picture for November.
*The current updates will witness the return of the Lores.