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Time For Chaotic Update

a year ago

Hey heroes, time to bring some chaos! Let's take a look at what update has arrived this time.
New Mount: Skeleton Dragon
An inspiration that arose from fear... It's incomprehensible why nobody likes skeletons, they are the most resistant allies.
New Sylph: Moonlight Hunter
Death will come for your enemies. Well, or his follower — the Moonlight Hunter. He enjoys hunting only at midnight, but it is unlikely your foes will have the courage to meet him at other times of the day.
Hero Evolution: Chaotic Monkey King (Evo of Monkey King)
Finally, the king of the jungle was honored with an Evolution. He really deserved it, he showed his best in previous battles.
New Angel Awakening: Futura
Maiden from distant galaxies also did not go unnoticed. Awakening is exactly what she lacked to improve her fighting skills and weapons of distant worlds.

Navigation Blueprint and decorations:
Sea Horse
Swim Ring