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The most stellar update ever!

a year ago

Heroes, a new stellar update is here! Want to know the details?

Hero Evolution: Stella (Starcaller Evolution)
Now even stronger and prettier than before, the Starcaller has transformed and is ready to rejoin the battle for the safety of the angelic realm!
Sylph: Lord of War
War never comes alone... For it has its heralds, and the Lord of War is one of them. Contrary to popular belief however, he's a brave soul, ready to lay his life for a just cause. Prove yourself worthy and he'll become a faithful ally, fighting alongside you shoulder to shoulder.
Mount: Phantom Fox
Phantom Foxes sneak into Etheria from the dreaded lands of fire, but do not hold their origin against them! These are gentle and friendly beings... Although their fur burns anything it comes into contact with, a Phantom Fox can easily become the most loyal of pets, if treated kindly and with respect.
New Angel Awakening: Mizuna
Mizuna earned her very own Awakening! Working on her skills day and night for many years straight, she has attained a never before seen level of mastery of magic!
Music Festival Blueprint and decorations
Even more new decorations for you to mess around with! Become a true maestro of interior design by creating a unique art installation!