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The Marine Update is here!

a year ago

Heroes! There's no better time to enjoy the sea waves and bathe in the sun than right now, when Summer is in full swing in Etheria! Here are some tips on what you should definitely check out in the latest update. Enjoy! 
New Clothing: Seaside Breeze 
Does riding the waves sound like fun? This breezy outfit, enhanced by mermaid magic, will make a surfing master out of anybody, as well as grant them superhuman strength!
New Angel: Althea
A girl who is more than able to stand up for herself and protect her companions! Don't be fooled by her sweet and innocent appearance - Althea is a knight of unrivaled skill and prowess!
New Fairy: Swift Tortoise
A sea pet that instills false confidence into enemies with its cuteness... Only to then deliver a crushing, shell-shattering blow!
New Amulet: Adv.Spectralamp (Silver Messenger)
Enchanted weapon, blessed by the gods! It's said that only a true hero, who has proven their superiority on the battlefield, can hold it in their hands... Perhaps, you are the one destined to become its next owner?
New Mount Awakening: 1st~3rd Evolution of Serpentine
Sooner or later, even the most stubborn and aggressive of Etheria's magical creatures can be tamed and trained enough to receive an awakening. Now it's Serpentine turn!