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A whirl of an update is here!

a year ago

New Hero: Ice Prince
A cold and collected prince who rules with a warm smile. Commands the magic of the frozen lands, and puts his heart into every battle.
New Sylph: Frosty Killer
No one knows her real name - the girl prefers to keep it a secret. Her abilities earned her the nickname "Frosty Killer". In her left hand she holds a sharp blade made of ice that never melts. Wounds inflicted by it freeze the enemy's very heart.
New Mount: Cryo Wolf
Cryo Wolf is Frosty Killer's loyal companion. The girl befriended him when the wolf was just a pup. She sheltered and nursed him, until he's grown into a fierce and dangerous predator you wouldn't want to meet on the battlefield!
New Angel Awakening: Protea
Protea ventured to the South to help Nubia fight off the sand demon invasion. Upon her return, she was awarded: for her service Protea received an awakening!