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Let's celebrate the arrival of a new angel!

2 years ago

Heroes, a new update has arrived to Etheria on November 22!

New Angel
A pink-haired beauty who knows how to deal with trespassers — Bijou is at your service!

New Evolved Mount
Celestial Fox
 can evolve now! It proved itself a brave warrior and deserved promotion to Three-tail FoxThree-tail Vulpine and Three-tail Kitsune!

New Sylph
She is incredibly beautiful and just as deadly — her name is Midnight Blader and she will become your most faithful ally!

New Evolved Fairy
Lil Hoarfrost Blade
 acquired her first evolution that bestows her with new powers!

In addition you can get a new amulet: Vulture Blade (Crooked Claw)!

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