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Marvelous game events

10 months ago

Check out the events of this week:

Point shop event;

Ying Yang treasures event;

Anniversary dancing party;

Anniversary in marvelous Yangcheng;

For a 3 days there will be double experience in such dungeons as Mirage, The Maelstrom of Souls, Straw Temple, Beast God’s Grove, The Cave of Ancients, The Chambers of Darkness and Starfall;

New items in the Store: Zhili's Bag of Fortune Key, Shanti's Bag of Fortune Key, bag Anita, Luxurious Bag of Fortune, Dreams of memories 7 d./30 d./perm., Dream of a Child 7 d./30 d./perm., Air Balloon Decoration, Cake Decoration, Little Box Decoration, Small Balloon Decoration;