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Game events September 2 - September 9

5 months ago

Check out the events of this week:

Heavenly Treasury event;

Biscuit battle event;

Anniversary dancing party event;

Anniversary in marvelous Yangcheng event;

On Sepember 5 there will be double drop and double experience in such dungeons as Mirage, The Maelstrom of Souls, Straw Temple, Beast God’s Grove, The Cave of Ancients, The Chambers of Darkness and Starfall;

New items in the Store: Dreams of memories 7 d./30 d./perm., Dream of a Child 7 d./30 d./perm., Air Balloon Decoration, Cake Decoration, Little Box Decoration, Small Balloon Decoration;

The following items are on sale: Ingenious Cloud Engraving, Letter Engraving, Good Heavenly Gift, Essence of Life,  Ideal Cloud Engraving, Three Lords' Essence, Transform Lock, Ethereum, The key to the happy bags Lunnisa master, Lapis's Bag of Fortune Key, Zhili's Bag of Fortune, Bag of Fortune with Wings Key, Bag of Fortune with Lord’s Wings Key, Lady Jingling's Bag of Fortune Key, Happy Bag Guy Young Swordsman;

Hurry up to find your way to immortality in Jade Dynasty Mobile!