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Big update was installed!

2 months ago


Version 1.25 is now live! Don't forget to update Jade Dynasty Mobile in AppStore or Google Play.

Three new playable classes - Ice, Arden, and Shadow!

Unmatched warriors with unique abilities await you in the latest Jade Dynasty Mobile update. Choose your path: will you be a skillful Ice spearman, a precise Arden archer, or the mysterious Shadow samurai? Master the new techniques and conquer the previously unseen regions of the world, then challenge the pretenders to your title of the Immortal!

Additions and improvements

  • Updated Lupin, Taio, Vim, and Skysong class skills;
  • New difficulty level in Beast God's Sigh;
  • New Tea Tasting event;
  • New Dragon Lair event for high-level characters. Test your team's strength by attempting to take down a powerful dragon;
  • Procyon Trial event improvements;
  • New Abode furniture and musical instruments;
  • Pets functionality: adopt a cat or a dog, and make your Abode more homely than ever before;
  • Updated Guild Wars;
  • New Duo mentorship functionality. Sing songs with your mentor and receive valuable rewards;
  • Ascension mechanics. Train, grow stronger, discover new techniques, and greatly increase your stats!

Your feedback and opinions on the game are invaluable! We are open to suggestions and will gladly discuss the ways of improving Jade Dynasty Mobile in our official social media groups or via technical support tickets.

The project team continues to work on polishing the game and fixing all reported issues ASAP.

Thank you for helping us make Jade Dynasty Mobile even better!