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Game Events - July 1 - July 8

3 months ago

Check out the events of this week:

Heavenly Treasury event;

Skyhound's War event;

Love Through Ages event;

New items in the Store: Happy Bag Mira, Happy Bag Shanti, Luxurious Dress Casket, Binding Ties Gift Key,  Binding Ties (Ascension) Gift Key, Eternal Love Gift Key, The key to the case Rising moon, The key to the case Lunar glare, The key to the case Lunar glare (Ascension);

The following items are on sale: Moth Seeking the Sea Gift,  Magic Fox Outfit: Clothing Chest Key, Stylish Outfit Dye Gift, Golden Apricot Fragment Casket, Colored Lantern [perm.], Bloom [perm.].