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Follow the call of music!

6 months ago

This was a very atypical morning for the people of Yangcheng. Woken up by the sounds of a zither, they rushed to the city gates, thinking that someone has played an early April Fools' joke. It quickly became apparent, however, that the music was not an elaborate ruse but a hymn to the arrival of unexpected yet long-awaited guests!

The latest patch is here! Don't forget to update your app in App Store and Google Play.

Meet the new class — the Vaylin

The charming warriors armed with zithers will become your faithful allies. Let's welcome the adepts of the new school, the Vaylin, into Jade Dynasty Mobile! According to legends, the Vaylin are heavenly spirits that came to live among mortals. They are able to cure any disease and inspire others through the power of music!

New content and mechanics:

  • Alchemy: craft special pills from various materials that can be purchased from in-game stores.
  • Minigames: divine with tarot cards or play Gomoku against your friends! 
  • Updated Lupin, Jadeon, Vim, and Skysong class skills.
  • New Dreams of Heaven season with a unique map, adjustable difficulty settings, and updated ratings.
  • New weapon type: Magical Fans, unlocked by completing a hidden questline!
  • Numerous minor fixes and improvements aimed at increased stability and optimization.