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Audition Guide

4 months ago


Auditions are dance challenges with varied conditions that yield Gold, EXP, dyes, and upgrade materials when completed, as well as special shop tokens.

Once you're feeling up to the challenge, drop by the Studio, available on the city map.

Note: the list of available Auditions is updated daily at 1:00 and 7:00 AM/PM, server time (GMT +3).


All players get 5 Audition attempts daily, and the unspent attempts are carried over to the next day but are reset on Sunday. Players can buy additional attempts with Gems depending on their VIP level — the higher the VIP level, the more extra attempts will be available for purchase. The exact numbers can be checked in the "Privileges" menu, accessible by tapping the corresponding button in the upper-right corner of the city map screen.

Note: failing an Audition will not consume any attempts!

Passing Auditions after running out of attempts will grant "Sympathy Cards" instead of the usual rewards. These cards can be used to make certain Elite craftable items.

Passing Auditions

There are two ways to tackle Auditions: with bots and other players. The latter method yields noticeably more rewards. Every player on the dance team, except for the leader, raises the Gold, EXP, and token rewards by 30%, up to 90% for a full team of 4 players. Playing with bots will only yield base Audition rewards.

Tap "Invite Friends" to get ready for an Audition as a team. Alternatively, you can summon players under the "Audition" tab of system chat. Once the party is all set, pick the dance mode everyone's most comfortable with, select a particular Audition, then get your groove on!

If you want to join someone else's team, check the system message chat, tap the icon of the player gathering an Audition party, and then select "Go."

If you want to start dancing with bots right away, skip the "Matchmaking" phase and just select your preferred control mode and the number of players, then tap "Start."

Selecting an Audition

Your team will have a choice of 5 tasks, and players can select 1 of them by casting their votes. It's best to agree on a task you want to tackle in advance since, if more than one task has the max number of votes, the mission will be selected randomly. This way, you may get a task you didn't want!

Note: unless the Autidion requires you to get a specific score, your rank at the end of the dance will not affect the final reward, so, if you're feeling tired, you can take a break after fulfilling the current Audition's requirements.

Auditions are divided into difficulty groups: Easy, Medium, and Hard. Most tasks from the first two categories will not have you break a sweat. By finishing 20 or more Auditions during the same week, you can claim an additional reward box containing 500 bGems.

Types of Tasks

Note: try to select the best option for your team as not all tasks are equally profitable. It may be prudent to pick a mission that pays less but is easier to complete.

Support rank S. The most profitable task 90% of the time. Just fill the bar at the top of the screen up, and you should be golden!

Get more points than the boss. The second most beneficial task. Feel free to grab it if the first one is missing from the list! If both mission types are present, just go with the one that offers a better reward.

Score the required number of Perfect moves as a team. Your team will be required to perform a set number of Perfect or P.Perfect moves. The said number will be displayed at the top of the screen, to the right of the progress bar. It is feasible to achieve this while performing solo, but doing so leaves you with a very slim margin of error.

Get a specific score as a team. Just like with the previous mission type, the necessary amount will be displayed to the right of the progress bar. Your team will have to score the exact number of points required by the task, and the desired score will be highlighted in red.

Token Store

A special store is accessible right from the Studio. Save up Audition tokens to purchase clothes, shards, gifts, crafting materials, etc.

Note: some goods can only be purchased a limited number of times per day. Moreover, buying more than 2 of the same item at once may raise its cost with each subsequent purchase. The price will drop at the start of the next day.

Spending tokens automatically adds your nickname to the "SuperStar" ratings. Get into the weekly TOP-10 Super Stars to earn additional bGems, while the top-scoring player will also receive a special text effect displayed at the start of their every dance!