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Guide about levelling your Idol up

5 months ago

Leveling up your character is one of the main goals of Idol Dance, and working towards it opens up new opportunities. Reaching certain milestones will yield pleasant surprises in the form of accessories, chat and avatar frames, auras, nickname decorations, as well as generous amounts of in-game currency.

There is a number of ways to level up:

  • rank B or higher while dancing;
  • complete daily tasks;
  • participate in the current in-game events;
  • clear Story Mode missions;
  • finish Studio quests;
  • gain increased experience for the first three daily performances (the higher your rank, the better the EXP multiplier will be);
  • bath at the Plaza for up to 3 hours every day (grants 10 EXP for every 3 minutes spent in the water);
  • play "Rock, Paper, Scissors" with friends at the pool, earning 5~10 EXP per victory, up to 500 in total, but keep in mind that a loss can end your winning streak and nullify the experience bonus. Tap a friend's nickname in the list of players present at the Plaza, then select "Play" from the popup menu to begin.

Aside from the methods listed above, you can get more experience by increasing your character's VIP level or joining a Clan after reaching level 15.

Check your character's level-up progress by tapping their portrait in the upper-left corner of the map screen.