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Terrasia is under demon attack!

5 months ago


Terrasia is under demon attack. A fresh update is coming to Eternal Magic. Let’s see what’s new!


Ares’s Will - is a powerful artefact, a legendary ring, but it’s power had already vanished a long time ago..
Collect resources, level up the ring and breathe life into it! Legends say about the extraordinary power of the artefact, the owner of the ring even could assume command of a dragon!
Players, 60+ lvl, who is strong enough will receive a quest from Subaru. It will start the quest chain “Divine weapon” that will lead you to the cherished artefact. The ring can be upgraded every day. For it’s development you need resources that can be purchased from Subaru for hero’s badges, and by participating in the demon war and new guild events.

Ring effects
On the third level the ring obtains an additional effect: Ares’s Will activates when you fight and increases character’s characteristics.
On the fifth, final level, Ares’s Will reveals it’s true powers. You will be able to summon Ares’s phantom that will commit a very powerful fire attack, causing double damage.



Take part in two large-scale events, where you have to battle with powerful shadow demons or take their side to fight other players! The events start every second Saturday, at 20:40 server time .

Demon trial - the first phase, in which you travel to the most dangerous place in Terrasia, the Lava rift, to kill shadow demons, accumulating special points. Everyone can test their skills in the trial. Each player gets a unique reward, there is also a special guild rating, and based on the results of the event a guild will be chosen to take the demons’ side in the Demon War.

Demon war- next phase. Winner guild will accompany the Crimson legion, and protect demons from other players’ attacks. According to the results of the event, both sides receive awesome rewards: resources for the Ares’s Will development, useful items for pets, Heart of Existence, hot spring ticket and many other wonderful items!



Seven different modes, where guilds are welcomed to compete with each other! The events start every second Saturday, alternating of the demons.
When the Glorious battle is activated - three random battlefields become available. To take part in it, guild must win the bidding. According to the results of the bidding in every event, the fixed quantity of the guilds is allowed to take part in the event.
All participants of the events are rewarded with unique prize chests, and guilds get resources for Ares’s Will.

The list of the available modes on the Glorious battlefield:

Attack and defence
A large-scale event for 180 people, 6 guilds participate and 30 people from each guild. Take over the bases, kill monsters, build fortifications and guard against other players, accumulating points on the vast battlefield.

In this event 8 guilds participate and 5 people from each. All participants choose one of the four types of the secret spy disguise and blend in as simple townsfolk. Your objective: observe, spot and destroy enemy spies! For every kill of the spotted spies you receive secret information. Don’t kill townsfolk if you do you lose points. When the night comes, 5 minutes later, and you still are not revealed, you can see goblins, attack them and collect secret information!
The rumor has it, those who kill too many times, may turn into a demon!

Capture the flag
In this mode 4 guilds participate and 5 people from each. In the beginning, pick one of three classes. The task of every guild: capture the flag from the center and deliver it successfully to your gate, avoiding opponents.

Faster! Take part in a dynamic race! In this mode 4 guilds and 5 players from each participate. Players race on foot in two phases. During the races you face surprise boxes to create traps for your competitors. Race smart!

Also, when you race in the Crimson temple, you will need to collect coins too.

Turn into a cute pet with unique skills and work in a team to win!
4 guilds and 10 people from each can participate in this event. Your task is to deliver as much fire as you can to the center campfire. Watch out for the blood pearls! They damage everyone who touches them. A little demon is very fast and can carry fire, a dragon can protect and affect the blood pearls, and a piglet is able to heal and even resurrect.

Secret order
4 guilds and 20 people from each participate in this event. The objective is very simple: answer the questions and collect points! Knowledge is the key to the victory!

Battle simulation
Join the 10x10 battle with another guild. Take over the spots, by ensuring your cover with a light cannon. The winning guild will be the one that collects 1000 points or the one that has the highest score at the end of the battle!


Good luck, heroes! You are the last hope of Terrasia!