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The first update is coming next week!

10 months ago

Terrasia has prepared and is ready to open it’s updated portals to the new world of joy and fun. The first update of Eternal Magic will be released next week!

Not only entertainment is coming. Terrasia is waiting for it’s heroes! Protect the crystal, challenge the beast, test your luck and skills! Check out what’s new in the game! 

Elirs account wide

Elirs are a valuable currency, useful for making purchases at the in-game shop and now they are shared throughout all your character under one account within one server.

Guild defensive war

A special arena for the guilds will open it's gates to test their luck and teamwork. Guilds up to 40 people can enter the arena and protect the crystal from the monsters. Every Wednesday you will be able to enter the arena. The Commander player can launch the event. You will meet Chloe in the arena and she will explain the rules to you: monsters attack from four directions, stop them before they reach the crystal.  

Killed monsters leave ghost crystals, collect them and exchange for the useful enhancements during the event. At the critical moment the crystal will help it’s protectors: you will be able to release it’s power and damage monsters greatly! Guild that successfully complete the mission will be rewarded with gold, silver, resurrection stones, pet fragments, and also criptyde and relict spirits


Pet Crack

The portals will pop up all around Terrasia that lead to the demons’ lair, solo or together with your friends to close these portals. For 10000 of silver merchant will sell you a special Rift detector, you can purchase it only once a day, but it can be used several times. Use it to find portals! Every day you will be able to receive the reward up to 20 times: you may find useful items for pets, their fragments and equipment and monster berries. The more heroes set off to close the portal, the more demons can be summoned, and the chance of appearance of the rare creatures is increased! 

On the Heroes Square you can buy a special Unstable rift generator for 40 candies. The generator can create a breach just anywhere you want! But it can be used only once. “Pet Crack” can be found in treasure maps! Every time, when heroes receive this bonus, 10 breaches open randomly in Terrasia. Elen Furr has opened her store of monster berries on the streets of the Sunny Island. Monster berries that your receive in the breaches you may exchange for the new schemes of items for your house.

Knowledge of the museum

Take part in the special event, test your knowledge and help those in need! After you meet one of the characters in need an event will activate. From that moment you will be able to open it from the menu. 

Pass three new quest chains: Flower bud, Melody of love and Banquet mess. You will be dragged into a cycle of dangerous and dramatic events! Good luck in your pursuit of truth! 

Beast crisis

Oh no! The beast is coming to Terrasia! Take your loyal pet with you to slay the beast. You can participate in a battle, where your pet can show it’s powers! The event is available for heroes from 55 lvl.  Choose one of your pets and fight a powerful beast! Only your pet can cause damage, you will be able to control the battle and use pet’s skills wisely!  You will get 7 chests if you manage to slay the beast, otherwise - the quantity of the chests depends on the damage that you have caused during the fight. 

An additional chest is supposed for those who manage to deal enough damage. Every week, according to the rating you will receive more rewards! In the end of the season, if you take part in at least 3 battles, you will receive a pet pendant.  As the trophies you will be rewarded with various useful items for pets, pendants, Elven tears for Soul mirror and beast spirits - special resources that can be exchanged for pet fragments you need in a new shop that Angelina has opened.  A new beast appears every week!

Soul mirror

From 56 lvl you get an opportunity to receive red pet equipment, this equipment can be combined into different sets with special effects. Wendy from Vallund will show you a new system “Soul mirror”. To spin the Soul mirror you need special items - elven tears, that can be found in Beast crisis event. The mirror can be spinned from 1 to 10 times. If you don’t receive red equipment, then you get 1 point of luck. Collect 9 of them and spin the mirror for the tenth time, you are guaranteed to find the red equipment. If you disassemble the red pet equipment, then you will get magic dust. Gather enough of dust and purchase the red equipment you need in the Wendy’s shop. The range of items change every day. 

Notice that now there are only three items for the set: armor, collar and contract. The fourth item (the stone) will appear lately. Beside the sets from the Soul mirror you may find: criptyde and relict spirits, blue and violet equipment, skill books, magic dust and resurrection stones. 

And one more thing... There has been rumors of Headless horseman is coming to ravage the lands of Terrasia once more! You better watch out!