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Heroes! Update is near!

a year ago

Terrasia is excited for the first update to come. It's too little time left to get prepared too..
Check out what's coming!

Guild Guard Battle
A special arena for guilds will open it's gates to test their luck and challenge their teamwork. Guilds up to 40 people can enter the arena and protect the crystal from the monsters. If the guild succeeds than it may receive gold, silver, pet fragments and even spirits of relicts and cryptids!

Pet Crack
The mysterious portals will pop up all around Terrasia, solo or together with your friends close these portals. Find special monster berries in these portals and exchange them for the new diagrams of house items.

Knowledge of the museum
Take part in the special event, test your knowledge and discover the secrets of Terrasia in the enjoyable quests!

Beast soul crisis
Oh no! The beast is coming to Terrasia! Take your faithful pet with you to slay the beast. Every week a new beast will appear, throw a challenge to it and level up your pet.
The beast challenge will be available from 55 lvl.

Pet suit system - shadow mirror
From 56 lvl you get an opportunity to receive red pet equipment. Combine these items into special sets with different characteristics.

More info is coming! Follow the news to be the first one to find out about the first update in Eternal Magic!