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Early access is here!

10 months ago

The game is already available to players with early access!

Starting today, on September 23, the wonderful world of Terrasia has opened its doors to Warrior, Awakened, and Keeper pack holders, as well as the Lucky ticket owners! All players will be able to gain access to the game’s servers this Thursday, September 26.

At the start of the Open Beta you’ll be able to advance your character up to level 60. In time the level cap will be raised to 70. Right off the bat players can expect to find an entire continent to explore, an intriguing storyline, perilous instances, several PvP modes, loyal pets, steadfast mounts, and beautiful outfits! Join one of the two available servers: Andromeda [EU] or Sagittarius [NA], create a character and begin your journey through the world of Eternal Magic!

The store is now open

Welcome to the brand new Elirs store! 

Elirs are a valuable currency, useful for making purchases at the in-game shop. Please note that at the moment elirs aren’t shared thoughout characters on your account and you will need to select an individual character to send them to.

Early Access Packs Items

Starting today, you can use the items from previously purchased Early Access Packs!

To receive the items in-game, create a new character and enter the game’s world with them at least once. Then visit the storage page and click the chest icon to unbox the required pack. Now click the resulting set of items and select the character you wish to send them to. In a few minutes, the items will be delivered to said character’s in-game mailbox.

Technical Support

Eternal Magic can be downloaded from our website. Check this thread for the detailed installation guide. 

Auto-pathing to key objects/NPCs may not work correctly in certain quests. This will be corrected in the next hotfix. If you encounter any in-game issues, please do not hesitate to contact our technical support team. Here's a useful guide on how to contact technical support and leave a ticket.  You can also report any potential bugs in this topic on the game's official forum, which will help us quickly identify and fix the problem. Together we can make the game even better!

We wish you a pleasant game!